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SSF works both at national and local level with six local boards, and projects of various kinds. The representatives of the local boards come from the police, insurance companies and authorities. Together, they offer a high level of competence and broad experience in crime prevention work.

SSF offer free, independent advice on how to protect your business from both physical fraud, digital fraud and theft. We issue standards, offer cosulting and educate. All surpluses are reinvested in our non-profit crime prevention work. Our websites: stöldskyddsfö sä

The Diploma in Security Manager extends over a year and provides solid and broad competence in the field of security. The pedagogical model is based on blended learning, which means active learning and consists mainly of interactive e-learning modules and teacher-led teaching, discussions, group exercises, workshops and exchanges of experience. It provides extensive and stable knowledge to start from in the management of business-related security work. Participants are given tools to work with security in a systematic and well-balanced way in all forms of organizations. The diplomas are issued through TRUE, a service for blockchain-secured documents and certificates. Click on them to see them in full.