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Kent Zetterqvist - Verification

The diploma is a seal of quality and a proof that your knowledge is up to date. It creates security for both you and your organization.

Benefits for your organization
• It contributes to the business's quality assurance.
• Guarantee that you have competence and the right tools.
• Signals quality-assured safety work for customers / stakeholders.
• Guarantee for current methods and routines in the business's safety work.
• In-house competence reduces the number of consulting hours.

Benefits for you as a Certified Security Manager
• Broadens and deepens your skills.
• You get a network in the industry.
• You get tools / skills that help you work proactively.
• Gives you tools to put the security issues on the table in your organization.
• It is a formal confirmation of your competence and experience.
• Takes you further in your career.

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